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Focus on Reading at FPS


Congratulations to our superstar teachers who opened their classroom doors to their colleagues to allow others to see how they are integreating their professional learning from Focus on Reading into their daily practice!

Welcome to Focus on Reading at Fairfield Public School!

This year during Focus on Reading we will be consolidating our knowledge about the explicit and systematic teaching of comprehension and entering phase 2 where we closely examine the reading of texts and vocbaulary knowledge.

Focus on Reading 3-6  (FoR) is a professional learning program that supports the explicit teaching of the key aspects of reading, namely comprehension, vocabulary and reading text fluency. The program draws from a sound research base and teachers are engaged in intensive, purpose-driven learning, between-session tasks (designed to translate new learning into classroom action over time) and systematic reflection on classroom practices and student progress.

The program emphasises the importance and use of:

* rich texts, particularly subject-based texts, multi-modal texts and the types of texts that interest and motivate learners in the middle years

* rich talk of the kind that encourages them to ‘show their thinking’ through talk

* ‘deliberate’ teaching that begins with insightful assessment; involves planning for explicit instruction based on students’ needs; supports and scaffolds students through modelled, guided and independent teaching; provides clear and purposeful feedback and constant opportunities for student reflection.

Sessions within each Phase are centred around three key strands:

Learning: Understanding the nature of the Y3-Y6 learner and text and task requirements.

Teaching: Understanding research-based strategies for teaching and learning.

Teaching and learning: Bringing the learning and teaching strands together to assess, plan and provide explicit instruction.