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Teaching Routines

The teaching routines are activities that you and your students regularly engage in and incorporate the Super Six comprehension strategies. These routines give a context and purpose for learning, using and enhancing our comprehension of a text. The teaching routines include Questioning the Author (QtA), Literature Circles (LC) and Reciprocal Teaching (RT).

Questioning the Author

QtA engages students in discussions around the intent behind a text by discussing a few key questions:

1. What is the author trying to tell you? How do you know?

2. Why is the author trying to tell you that? (Why does he/she/they want to share their knowledge and opinions with you? Why do they think it is so important?)

3. Did the author explain it clearly?

4. How could the author have said it better?

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Literature Cirlces

LCs are small, temporary groups of students who gather toegther to discuss a text. Initially, students may be given specific roles to support conversation, however, this is a temporary scaffold that eventually can be removed to allow greater independence and student-driven conversation. Students engage in LCs to participate in conversation around a text they selected to read. A number of roles can be undertaken and the names and number of roles change based on the source of information you have found. You can modify the roles to suit you and your students. Some readings suggest there are 6 mains roles:

Literary Luminary

Discussion Director

Creative Connector

Artful Artist

Word Wizard


Here are some resources that you may find useful:


Reciprocal Teaching

 RT is a process where students engage in discussion around texts to help support their comprehension. This process focusses on 4 strategies - predicting, clarifying/monitoring, questioning and summarising.