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Text Set - Reading

A text set is a collection of texts that focus on a particular topic or concept. Text sets allow us choose a text from any mode (written, visual, aural, multimodal, electronic, etc.), any type (factual, literary, fiction, newspaper articles, movie clips, etc.) and any level of complexity to learn about the same topic. The great thing about text sets is you can choose a text that you are interested in...and we can still all be learning and talking about the same topic! You can even bring your own texts to add to the set!

Some of our texts that we have hard copies of can be found in our text set box in the classroom. Others, however, can be found here (on our website) as they are electronic files.

Have fun!

Running and Reading - Wil Smith (this is a video of a speech Wil Smith presented at the 2005 Kid's Choice Awards as he accepted his award.)

Things to think about: Do you agree with Wil Smith about the "two keys of life"? Do you agree or disagree with the justification Wil Smith provides about reading? If you consider reading to be one of the keys to life, why do you say that? Why do you think Wil Smith talked about this during his acceptance speech?


Reading Book Opening - After Effect (this is an opening effect that people can download and add to their presentations).

Some things to ponder: What do you think the creators are trying to say about reading? Why do you think that? What is the purpose of the colours and swirls that they have added? Why did the creators use that particualr piece of music? What does it add to the clip? What would you have done differently? Why? If you created a video or song or piece of music to represent the moment you finished a book, what wold that look like and/or sound like? Why?

Links to other videos you may want to watch: (Henry Winkler on reading every day) (Whoppi Goldberg on reading) (A clip about the power of reading) (The Reading Bill of Rights) (A poem by Taylor Mali called "Reading Allowed")

Online articles (A story about a man who says that Superman taught him to read!) (An article about engaging boys in reading) (An article about electonic texts)