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Visualising is when students create a mental image from a text that is read, viewed or heard. The mental images reflect or represent ideas in the text and develops unique and creative responses to texts. Students should know that being unable to visualise a text is an indicator that meaning is disrupted.

 Teaching ideas to support student learning in visualising (and ultimately, support comprehension):


Sketch-to-stretch is used to create, represent and share personal interpretations from a text. This can also be used to summarise understandings through their sketches and express their comprehension of a text. Students sketch their understanding of the main events or significant ideas and label their work. Students then share their interpretation of the text, justifying their throughts and ideas.

* Using sketch-to-stretch grades 4-6

* Using sketch-to-stretch to teach shapes K-2


Instead of sketching what has happened students could sketch what they think will happen next. Students compare and discuss their sketches.


Graphic / visual organisers

Graphic/visual organisers provide a visual format for representing ideas, information and concepts. Organisers can then be used as prompts/support for summarising, making connections, questioning, etc.

Other resources: