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What is reading? What is a text?

What is reading?

Reading is the ability to decode symbols (such as words, images, gestures, colour, sound, etc.) in a phrased and fluent way in order to create meaning. It is important that our students learn to value reading as a process from which they gain meaning. Proficient readers know the ultimate goal of reading is to comprehend and are able to articulate the various purposes for reading and how these purposes influence the ways we approach texts.


What is a text?

A text is anything that we read, listen to or view that we can make meaning from. Atext can include anything such as...


 Signs, symbols and logos




Texts we can listen to such as music, the radio, a speaker, etc.

Brochures and magazines


Other examples of texts include...

What else can you think of? What else can you make meaning from?